The original promise of the Edgewater neighborhood was to keep street connections local and minimize cut through traffic.  The City Council voted to change this.

The Comprehensive Plan and the Municipal codes are the rules that govern how King City functions. The King City Comprehensive Plan and Municipal Code both address any future extension of Fischer Road to the West.   When Edgewater was developed, it stated that any future extension of Fischer Road to the West was to remain local in character.

The City Council voted to remove this from the Comprehensive Plan:

(note: West King City Planning Area is now known as Edgewater)

If such local street connections are ultimately made with SW 137th Avenue or to the north, it is very important that the internal street system design for the planning area will not facilitate through traffic that is traveling to and from destinations outside of the West King City Planning Area and immediate vicinity.

The City Council voted to remove local streets, replacing with Collector or Neighborhood:

These two future connections shall be accommodated by local streets collector or neighborhood routes, which will be designed to ultimately extend to the western city limit

The King City Municipal Code states:

Although an interconnected street system is required by the provisions of this chapter, local street systems shall be designed to discourage motorists traveling between destinations that are outside of the neighborhood being served by the local streets.



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