July 19, 2023 – Sophia Cossette reported for the Beaverton Valley Times

Please read the full article at King City master plan faces opposition.

In the article, the executive director of Tualatin Riverkeepers, explains that the proposed arterial road will create issues of noise pollution, cross unstable streams, and infringe upon multiple natural areas.

He is quote summing it up with “we are opposed to the wrong development, and we believe that this road extension is the wrong development.”

Key points he made to the reporter include:

  • road noise will be heard along a (very long) stretch of the river… so anyone who’s a recreationist, and especially wildlife who use that as a wildlife corridor, they’re going to hear this road for quite a ways
  • King City has labeled one of the road extensions in these natural areas the “Bankston Easement” and has proposed a 425-foot bridge to cross an area in the Bankston Nature Preserve – which require the city to employ CONDEMNATION of the nature preserve to be allowed to destroy it.
  • such a large amount of new infrastructure in natural areas will add to river pollution and degrade wildlife habitat for the creatures that call the river basin home
  • the Beef Bend Natural Area, Heritage Pine Natural Area and Bankston Nature Preserve will all be infringed upon

Please read the entire article at King City master plan faces opposition.