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We need City Council that can lead SAFE and SANE development plans for expanding King City to more than double its size – stop developers from steering the plans

They say radical??? THIS is radical:

The Fischer Road extension is projected to have 8,600 cars a day!

Why would anyone approve a plan that allows a regionally significant collector through our neighborhoods?!

Worse yet, City Council removed protections that were in the Comprehensive Plan in order to allow this to happen.

This is not just about ‘one vote’ – this is about the future of our community.

We need leadership that has the courage to reject bad development proposals.

We need leadership we can count on, before it is too late.

Vote Yes on the King City Recall for:


The planned Fischer Road extension is very close to the Tualatin River, disrupting the natural environment with noise and harmful pollutants.

 It will cross the Bankston Nature Preserve (protected by a conservation easement) which will forever harm this vital connective natural space.

Read letters and testimony from many environmental groups


The planned Fischer Road extension provides a direct connection between Roy Rogers Road and 99W that will attract a high volume of regional cut through traffic, which the city estimates to be 40%.

Increased traffic makes neighborhoods less safe and less desirable.

The City Council removed the protection that connecting roads would not facilitate “through traffic”. 

How the Comprehensive plan was changed.


King City needs leaders to represent and protect the interests of current and future King City residents. We need our city leadership to follow the rules and be held accountable.

Current leadership has fallen short.

Read How

Council members should represent their constituents.

Over 80% of the people we approached signed the petition – about double the number that was required.

Your ballots will arrive in the mail around January 25th. Vote YES by February 13th.



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